BT pallet truck Levio LPE200

Ride-on pallet truck: BT Levio LPE200 

Xe nâng con cóc, tải trọng 200kg, chuyên dùng nâng pallet. Sử dụng điện. Hệ thống tự động dừng khi va chạm đame bảo an toàn cho người vận hành. Tay lái trợ lực giúp điều khiển dễ dàng
Ride-on pallet truck BT Orion LPE200The BT Levio LPE200 is a heavy-duty ride-on pallet truck that offers maximum safety at high speeds with better control in confined spaces. The unique BT Powerdrive system delivers excellent driving performance in a wide range of pallet-moving applications, both in ‘walkie’ and ‘ride-on’ usage.

For enhanced safety and ergonomics, the optional foldable sideguards can be replaced with fixed sideguards or a fixed backrest.

A 2000 kg load capacity, choice of battery sizes and optional sideways battery exchange let you tailor your LPE200 to meet your specific operational requirements. The pallet trucks offer a wide variety of fork lengths and widths to handle pallets or roll cages in different applications.
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BT Staxio range: SWE080L, SWE100, SWE120, SWE120L, SWE120S, SWE140, SWE140L, SWE200D
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E-Bar for easy and flexible attachment of accessories 
Foldable side guards for safe and flexible handling 
Sturdy & ergonomic flip up or staying down platform