Toyota Diesel Forklift 6.0-8.0 tonne

Xe nâng hàng Toyota tải trọng từ 5.0 - 8.0 tấn được sản xuất hoàn toàn tại Nhật Bản. Xe được trang bị những hệ thống an toàn tiên tiến nhất để làm việc trong những môi trường khác nhau. Xe được thiết kế để làm việc ở những môi trường khắc nghiệt. Chất lượng dẫn đầu thị trường, xe nâng Toyota không chỉ vận hành êm ái với hệ thống cân bằng tự động(SAS) và hệ thống cảm ứng bảo vệ an toàn (OPS), thiết kế thông minh sẽ có thể giúp các kỹ sư của quý doanh nghiệp có thể dễ dàng bảo trì và bảo dưỡng những điều kiện tốt nhất cho vận hành của máy. Toyota đã rất nổi tiếng về tính năng sử dụng bền bỉ và trơn tru, nay với sản phẩm xe nâng hàng, tính năng này sẽ giúp cho doanh nghiệp của quý vị luôn hoạt động liên tục và không còn nỗi lo lắng về việc vận chuyển trong nhà kho, sắp xếp hàng lên kệ hàng hay di chuyển hàng ra/ vào Container.
The bar is raised. The industry is forever changed. The revolutionary 7-Series forklifts feature the world’s first System of Active Stability (SAS) – which helps reduce the risk of forklift accidents. Once again, Toyota ingenuity and engineering have been combined to introduce new and dramatic advancements in design.
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Advancements not limited to new safety features, but including overall lift truck operation and performance, as well. As a result, Toyota is driving the world toward a safer, more productive workplace by expanding the NEW 7-Series forklift line-up from 6.0 to 8.0 tonne capacity. This is exactly the kind of thinking you should expect from a leader, along with a level of quality that is unique to Toyota Material Handling.
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IC Engine Counterbalance 5.0 - 8.0 ton
Toyota's new engine, developed under the Techno-Comfort concept, realizes both steady high performance 
and a high level of comfort, achieving outstanding fuel economy and minimizing vibration and noise.

ModelLoad CapacityLoad CenterOverall WidthTurning Radius (Outside)Overhead Guard HeightLength to Fork Face
G:Gasoline D:Diesel
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  • With the introduction of our patented System of Active Stability (SAS), on the 6.0-8.0 7-Series forklift range, Toyota is contributing every way possible to help improve the safe operation of forklifts.
    Using technology Toyota engineers created for automotive safety systems, SAS electronically monitors and controls forklift operations to help reduce instability. Sensors monitor more than 3,000 key forklift functions. When instability is detected, the sensors signal the appropriate controller, which instantly activates the Active Control Rear Stabiliser and the Active Mast Function Controller.
    In addition, SAS offers automatic fork leveling. By simply depressing a button on the mast tilt control lever during operation, an operator can work more efficiently and confidently – with less damage to loads and storage racks.


  • The “power” in the 7-Series 6.0-8.0 tonne forklift powertrain is something to behold. Just as forklifts make light work of heavy loads, Toyota is leading the forklift industry, elevating design and performance to another level. Combine either the high-torque, 4.3-liter, overhead valve (OHV) V-6 engine or the advanced, 5.2-liter (OHV), 6-cylinder diesel engine with the 7-Series’ automatic 2-stator torque converter transmission design, and you’ve got a powertrain that delivers exceptional load handling and smooth acceleration, in both forward and reverse. It’s all the performance you need in one forklift.


  • Optimal comfort and ease of operation are also realized through Toyota’s highly responsive Centralised Hydraulic Power-assist System (CHPS). This advanced system controls tilt, lift, attachment, steering and braking functions with a simple, reliable single-pump design – helping reduce diagnostic time. Our powerful tandem-gear pump and large-capacity hydraulic hosing also help ensure a constant fluid flow for smooth, quiet and responsive control, even under varying load conditions.
    Toyota’s transmission includes an electric shifter on the steering column for easy transitions between forward and reverse. The engine and transmission are mounted in a full-floating design to reduce vibration and engine noise. An optional EZ Pedal allows operators to change directions without taking their hands off the wheel or hydraulic controls.
    Plus, our full hydrostatic power steering provides precise control for greater maneuverability with less effort, to help keep operators productive.


  • With advanced ergonomics, steering control and load handling capabilities, the 7-Series 6.0-8.0 tonne forklift range not only offers improved operability, it also offers more features to help increase operator comfort and, ultimately, productivity. The 7-Series also offers excellent maneuverability and a tight turning radius.

    Other features include an integrated headlight and turn signal switch to enhance operability and an exclusive memory tilt steering wheel that provides optimum comfort. Aspacious compartment provides generous head and legroom, helping reduce operator fatigue. Cowl-mounted hydraulic controls and dual operator assist grips help to make entering and exiting safer and easier from both sides of the forklift. Low, wide stepsfeature a punch-plate surface to provide sure, confident footing on both sides. Non-slip hand pad on the hood provides a secure handhold for assisting operator exit.


  • Thanks to the many “ease-of-service” features, 7-Series 6.0-8.0 tonne forklifts are quick and easy to maintain.
    An integrated monitoring system reports on all important vehicle information, including SAS system status. It also includes a digital hourmeter; water temperature and gasoline (or diesel) fuel level gauge; plus indicator lights for clogged air cleaner, oil pressure warning and charge warning.
    Its easy-lift hood offers quick access to the engine compartment, while the assist damper automatically holds it open in one step.
    No-tool floorboard lifts out in seconds for fast, easy access for daily operator checks.
    RadialSeal high-flow, 8" diameter, 2-stage air cleaner features an easy-to-change filter, while the extensive pleated surface area provides high-volume dirt-trapping capability.

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