Toyota Reach Truck Sit-on 6FBRE

Toyota Reach Truck 6FBRE

Xe nâng Toyota Reach truck (Sit-On) : 6FBRE10-20

Xe nâng tầm cao chuyên dùng cho các siêu thị lớn. Xe ba bánh ngồi lái siêu bền giúp người vận hành có thể làm việc lâu hơn.
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Operating Typeride-onride-onride-onride-on
Rated Capacitykg1200135016002000
Load Centremm600600600600
Chassis WidthAmm1250125012501250
Turning Radius(outside)Bmm1530157016701750①
Overhead Guard HeightCmm2085208520852225
Truck length (incl. fork face)Dmm1145114511451250

Toyota Electric Reach Forklift Truck feature rugged construction, advanced technology and an ergonomic design for 
optimum performance and value.


  • • Intelligent micro-controller provides precise, proportional steering, travel and load handling response
    • Microprocessor-based Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) for lift and drive motors
    • Multi-user programmable performance increases productivity
    • Electronic steering for precise manoeuvrability
    • Optimum lifting and lowering speeds
    • Full range of mast sizes: 2-stage and 3-stage from 3000mm to 8500mm.


  • • Ergonomically positioned controls can be operated with minimal effort and provide smooth proportional control 
  • of all operations
    • Operator comfort at its best, including generous foot space, non-slip cushioned floor mat and a low step height
    • Amenities tray and built-in clipboard contribute to operator convenience
    • Electronic Power Steering.
Xe nâng hàng Toyota: Chuyên cung cấp xe nâng hàng Toyota mới 100%. Các dòng xe nâng Toyota phổ biến tại Việt Nam như: Xe nâng Diesel Toyota từ 1.5 tấn – 25 tấn, Xe nâng điện Toyota từ 1.0 tấn đến 3.0 tấn. Xe nâng Toyota Reach Truck từ 900kg đến 3 tấn, Xe nâng Toyota Gasoline LPG từ 1.5 tấn đến 8.0 tấn.
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  • • Digital multifunction display gives enhanced control over load handling, travel functions and diagnostic functions
    • Self-diagnostics and built-in analyser help make servicing easier
    • Clear-view masts provide optimal visibility and enhance safety / productivity